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Damon just said “you cutie I just wanna kill you” to me


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15 days until christmas I am so excited to give Damon his presents that’s like all I’m excited for aaaaaaaaah I can’t wait (:

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Does anyone use “new.myspace”?

I think it’s really cool and I have one I guess it’d be a good way to get in contact with me considering I don’t have facebook


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My next year goals are.

Save enough money for my course, do it then get full time job.

If I get the full time job I want, I’ll get a new car and a sleeve by the end of the year.

+ more tattoos everywhere else.

Melbourne with Damon. 

Maybe a face dermal yeeee

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I’m starting to give no fucks about most things. I don’t need fake friends in my life anymore I have everything I need. 
I have goals and I am working towards reaching them. I have a few real friends who I adore and a perfect as fuck boyfriend who I love so much. 

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I am so frustrated and disgusted at how pathetic and hypocritical the majority of the people I know are.

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