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Ness, 19 Sydney.


Damon got me Chanel lipstick for christmas and last night we went out he let me wear it uggghh it was perfect

I always think I am getting better with me social anxiety then I hang out with someone who isn’t Ben or Damon and I realize I’m not getting better I just feel better because I don’t people at all anymore.

Damon makes me feel so loved I have never felt like this before I love him so much 

I eat nacho’s every night for dinner when I am home I am not kidding

Next year I’m getting my life sorted I have three courses to do, I plan on going on a holiday and if I finish the courses in time I want to find a full time job. 
Then I can buy a new car and move out with my Damon.

I can’t fucking wait until my best friend comes back from Western Australia aaaaaaaaah STEPH I MISS YOU A LOT

My dad told me I am getting tattooed “too much too fast” I have two tattoos and I got them about 7 months apart and he said he doesn’t want me “too covered”

I told him I’m getting tattooed soon though hahah 

I really want to go to the gym but I am so lazy and have no one to go with.





I saw a thing that said “have you ever seen a hater doing better than you?”
And everything makes sense to me now.