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This time next week ill be in queensland for my first holiday with Damon i am so excited to get away and spend all that time with him it’ll be so cute and great ahh i can’t wait

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Today at work one of my managers said “Ness, every time I see Lumpy Space Princess I think of you”

my life is complete 

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I’ve been upset and angry all day about being ugly and then I get called a fucking slut and cow by a customer at work because she didn’t get a spoon

today is a bad day

I feel like shit.

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I am so fucking disgustingly unphotogenic omfg I can’t handle seeing pictures of myself. I hate getting photos taken omfg I had two at hot damn one is okay because you can’t see my face ugggggggghhhhhh now I’m in the worst mood because I’m ugly hah

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I love Damon so much no one even understands we’re going to queensland in a few days i can’t fucking wait he is the best thing that has ever happened to me I’m so lucky he is mine.

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I fucking love my boyfriend so much he is the actual best thing that has ever happened to me, he means more to me than anything ever has.before im so glad he’s mine didnfkdoshrndkdjsjsb

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I got a photo with Alex Koehler p

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