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Ness, 19 Sydney.



My name’s Ness. 

I’m 18, from The Central Coast, Australia. (About an hour an a half away from Sydney)
I’m straight & single.
My birthday is April 25th.
I have 6 piercings which are both ears, both sides of my nose, septum and navel & my ears are stretched to 12mm.
I have 1 tattoo.
I do not follow back but if you have a fancy URL I’ll most likely check out your blog or I sometimes post stuff like “like this and I will look at your blog”
My blog consists of mostly anime, body modifications, pokemon, kingdom hearts, bands I like and hot people.
I post a lot of pictures of my dog.
Chelsea Grin & The Plot In You are my favourite bands.


I don’t have facebook.

Twitter -  https://twitter.com/Nessme0w
Instagram - @recreantt
Kik - recr3ant

Feel free to add/follow me.

I’m really bad at talking to people so I’m really sorry if you try and talk to me and I don’t have very good replies.

I have PSN, it is nessmeow and if you add me please tell me who you are first c:

Follow my best friends they’re all hot and have awesome blogs.

Any questions ~ www.recreant.tumblr.com/ask 

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